Friday, October 31, 2014

Free VPS with cloud hosting

Free vps with cloud hosting
Free VPS with cloud hosting, first you need to know about VPS. What is VPS? A virtual private server (VPS) is really a exclusive appliance distributed being a service by a great Internet hosting service.

The VPS extends a unique content of an operating-system, and clients have got superuser-level having access to that operating-system case, so they can put in almost any application that extends with that OPERATING-SYSTEM. For several functions they're functionally equal to a separate actual server, and staying application described could be considerably more easily made and set up. They are cost reduced compared to a great equivalent actual server, however as they reveal your root actual components with various other VPSs, effectiveness might be cheaper, and may even be based upon your workload of various other instances for a passing fancy components node.

Now, How to get free your own VPS ?

Here we will be using the services of one of the VPS provider Digital Ocean, very many web VPS provider but this time we will be using the services of the Digital Ocean as our server.
First, register at digital ocean website
Free vps credit

Fill in the fields that are available, enter your email and your password and then click signup. Then open your account for verification, open the email you that you created to register later you will get that message from digitakocean to verify your account. Click the link was given.

free vps

After that, Open your account and click on billing tab. Enter this  d0181035158c promo code, this is the code to get a $ 10 credit for free. well after you enter that code you will get $ 10 free in your account.

But to get Free VPS with cloud hosting and use the $ 10 you must add a credit card or pay $ 5 via paypal. Here I'm using paypal. This is done because it is a security effort to deter fraud buyers. If you do not have a paypal just sign up on their website it's free, but if you've just click Pay now and login with your paypal account.
Done, you just get  your own Free VPS with cloud hosting.
free vps with cloud hosting

Now you just need to install your own VPS, please select the operating system that are available on Digital Ocean such as CentOs, Debian and Linux. Make your VPS  and make whatever you want.

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